What is STEMpath and Why is it Needed?

There is a growing need for STEM and Computer Science pathways in education, not only for students but also for educators. STEMpath provides a way to fulfill this growing need by affording educators the opportunity to take part in a graduate-level program that provides them with the competence and skills to teach STEM and computer science.

This program is unprecedented; the combination of work-based learning through in-industry externships, coursework and professional learning centered around career literacy, information science and equity-based design thinking provides a well-rounded, well-informed perspective of computer science far beyond the traditional skills of coding and programming.

Current STEM Workforce

Equity and Access in the STEM and Computer Science Workforce is Imperative to Future Careers

Quality Teacher Shortage Hinders K-12 STEM Education

  • Most CSTA members do not identify
    themselves as ʻCS teachersʼ, but
    rather as ʻteachers of CSʼ 
  • Only 1 in 9 members have taken a college
    level course in CS and only 5 – 7%
    have a degree or certificate in CS
  • There are ~5,000 annual openings in education
  • There is a 15% attrition rate in the first five years of an educator's career
  • There has been a 22.7% decline in higher ed teacher prep programs from 2010-2015

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