Students Spread Holiday Cheer with MaxMods

Kepler Trek.JPG

The Facts

Every year MaxMods, a public charity that adapts toys and devices for people with physical limitations, hosts a toy modification event called Santa’s Little Hackers. In 2017, Northglenn High School hosted its annual toy drive event, Santa’s Little Hackers, and donated a variety of toys to be adapted.

The Work

Northglenn’s engineering students joined other volunteers in making modifications to toys that would be given to children with limited abilities. MaxMods provided instructions and the tools needed to make the necessary changes to the toys.

The Results

This experience was so impactful on the students that it Inspired them to explore ways to help classmates within their own school beyond the holiday season. In response, Northglenn hosted a problem-based learning (PBL) project to modify a board games in summer camp. One of the school’s speech pathologist described some of the disabilities her students face and asked the campers to create a modified board game that her students could play.