STEM Launch Kindergartners Bring Mobile Healthcare to the Community

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The Facts

All STEM Launch students work through problem-based learning (PBL) objectives, even the kindergarten classes. In one of STEM Launch’s first years, the kindergarten class was examining social studies standards for communities. While discussing what it meant to be a healthy and thriving community, they were quick to note that their community didn’t fit the bill. There weren’t close grocery stores, recreational facilities or quality medical care within close proximity to the school. This led to the class’s first PBL to create a thriving community.

The Method

With help from their teachers, the kindergartners used Google Maps to calculate where the closest grocery stores, recreational facilities and health clinics were in relation to the school. Then, they split into groups to:

  1. Bring accessible healthcare to those who needed it

  2. Incorporate more activity into schools

  3. Address public safety issues to play outside without worry

The Solution

The student groups pitched their solutions for these issues. The idea that rose to the top came from the students pursuing accessible healthcare. The kindergartners recommended the school invite a mobile medical unit like the Ronald McDonald Mobile Care lab, to the STEM Launch community.

The Results

The students reached out to four medical mobile units, who came in to pitch their services. To their surprise, they weren’t pitching to school leaders, they were trying to appeal to kindergartners. Once the students chose the medical unit, they decided on everything from advertising to the location of the mobile care unit.

Thanks to these students’ initiative, the mobile unit is still positively impacting the community today by providing routine checkups and immunizations.

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