Students Receive Work-based Learning Experiences and Valuable Internships

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The Facts

Northglenn High School’s P-TECH program has had solid relationships with telecommunications giants Level 3 Communications and CenturyLink. Prior to the Level 3-CenturyLink merger, Level 3 supported P-Tech with its Opps Academy. The training program determined what skillets students might have within the company and placed them in departments of the best fit.

CenturyLink was also eager to support P-TECH and is now in its third year of participating. The company currently hosts 27 P-TECH whom have been paired up with mentors within CenturyLink.

The Methods

To introduce students to the CenturyLink P-TECH partnership, Northglenn and CenturyLink co-host a summer camp for freshman. Where they the company, as well as Front Rage University, the higher ed academic partner. Tenth graders, who have already undergone a year of mentorship with CenturyLink host job shadows with the freshman. Additionally, campers participate in a robotics camp which hosts communications technology projects like building a physical network or programing IoT sensors from smart devices.

The Results

While P-TECH is a five-year program, students are able to walk in the graduation ceremony with their senior class. Once they complete three years with CenturyLink, which is their fifth year of secondary education, they earn an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from Front Range University, which is paid for by the school district. These graduates are first-in-line for positions at CenturyLink and the company can rest assured that they will be exemplary employees because they’ve already been interning with them for a number of years.