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We *pinky swear* you've never experienced anything like this


What Makes Our In-School Professional Learning So Different? 

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Our professional learning will never (ever) be sit and get. We pinky promise.

Be ready for the unexpected. Our professional learning is going to be uncomfortable, it's going to be challenging, and it’s going to work.


It is 50% more affordable than any other professional development out there.

We want your budget to stay afloat as much as you do. Since we’re a non-profit, we will work with you to make that happen.


It is co-designed from the ground up with you so that your teachers absolutely love it.

Together, we will design an experience for your teachers that they will actually love and be able to bring right back to the classroom.


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Everyone says they are innovative. The truth is, they are not. On the other hand...

We have actual entrepreneurs who have started tech companies on our team. We know innovation, and we bring it to you.


It actually targets your needs and we get you actual results.

We believe that if professional learning is not directly tackling your biggest and messiest problems, then it’s a waste of time. And we don't like wasting your time.


But do you believe in magic? We didn't either, until other teachers started pointing it out.

“The ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving solutions our faculty experienced left us feeling on fire.” - Instructional Coach


Our professional learning revolves around three core areas.


Knowing Your Learner

Everything starts with knowing your learners.

  • Make personalized learning EASY.
  • Make social emotional learning EASY.
  • Build empathy in the classroom. 
  • Lower behavior issues. 
  • Help your students find their voice.
  • Drive student agency. 
  • Plant the seeds to long term growth.

Instructional Practices

The Key To Your Success As An Educator

  • Skyrocket student success in the 4 C's.
  • Engage your students unlike ever before.
  • Reimagine and redesign your classroom.
  • Take the stress out of teaching. 
  • Lead a more peaceful life while teaching.
  • Make classroom management EASY.
  • Create happier classrooms.  
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Creative And Digital Experiences

Creating Your Classroom Of The Future

  • Use tech to get more time back to focus on the things that matter. 
  • More efficient and effective learning.
  • Increased student productivity.
  • Empower your students with real-world skills through technology.
  • Bring order to the chaos. 

The results.


Your students will...

Feel happy and excited to learn.
Get a personalized approach that meets their social emotional needs.
Succeed like crazy.


Your admin will...

Stand out as thought leaders.
Create a culture of innovation.
Pave the path to the future of learning for all students.


Your teachers will...

Be less stressed and burnt out. 
Have freedom to try new things.
Have more time to focus on the things that matter.


Your school will...

Become a tribe of educators and learners that are successful, happy and innovative toward succeeding beyond measure.


So Why Should I Bring mindSpark Learning To My School?

You get an experience that matters and that actually works.

How many times have you been to a professional development and asked yourself...

Why am I even here? How does this actually help me in my classroom? When is this going to end? What will my students even get out of this?" The daydreaming sets in, and the “learning” you’re there for gets lost in the boring “sit and get” setting. Quite simply, the experience was a total waste of time.

We’re here to change that, and we do it by bringing you the right stuff. What does that mean?

It means design thinking bootcamps that challenge you to be okay with failure, and use your creativity as a means to serious growth.

It means bringing coding to your classroom and schools to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

It means Gsuite training for education, classroom redesigns with cheap “hacks,” computer science intensive learning, and we also throw some fun in the mix with teacher comedy hours and happy hours.

In short, we provide a wealth of topics to suit a wide array of needs and desires, and even customize learning based on the inevitably unique desired learning outcomes many different audiences have.

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