Re-Engineering Communities

The revolution in education must accompany the revolution already taking place in industry. In other words, we can develop “soft,” essential skills AND teach children to become literate. We can run on a continuum of opportunity for students AND ensure they perform well on tests and deliver on expected outcomes. In other words, none of these outcomes are mutually exclusive. This is a revolution whereby risk-taking is the norm and problem-solving lies within the natural infrastructure of schools. In order for this revolution to happen, industry must be directly involved in the conversations taking place in education so that students are introduced to the authentic real-world problems they will encounter when they enter the workforce.

Our Cutting-Edge Experiences Will Disrupt Your Comfort Zone

  • Breaking Down Silos

  • Career Literacy

  • Climate and Culture in Organizations

  • Regional Partner

  • Coding

  • Computer Management Information Systems

  • Crafting Your Organization’s Story

  • Creative Design

  • Culture of Innovation

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Drones

  • Equity-centered Design Thinking

  • Overcoming Fixed Mindsets with a Growth Mindset

  • Integrated Marketing and Design Efforts

  • Mindfulness and SEL Training

  • Problem-based Learning

  • Problem Solving Frameworks

  • Programming

  • Robotics

  • Space Consulting

  • STEM Training and Implementation

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In Partnership with Couragion

STEM Career Literacy Professional Experience Using Equity-Centered Design Thinking

What Makes Our Professional Experiences Different?

Never Sit and Get.jpg

Our professional learning will never (ever) be sit and get.

Are you ready for the unexpected? Our professional experiences are going to be uncomfortable -- they're challenging and they work.

50% More Affordable.jpg

It is 50% more affordable than any other professional development.

We want your budget to stay afloat as much as you do. Since we're a non-profit, we work with you to make that happen.

Work with You Ground Up.jpg

Experiences are co-designed from the ground up.

The experience is designed with you and your staff, so you can be sure they will actually love it and be able to implement the practices immediately.


Everyone says they’re innovative. Truth is, most aren’t. On the other hand..

Our staff have first hand experience in the startup world, as school leaders and tech entrepreneurs, so we know innovation when we see it.

Targets Needs and Gets Results.jpg

Our experiences target your needs, so you get results.

If professional learning is not directly tackling your biggest and messiest problems, then it’s a waste of time. No one likes their time being wasted.

Yeti Foot Icon.png

Do you believe in yetis? We do, and you probably should too — they're real.

Okay, what?! Yep, that just happened. Here's the deal, our experiences are built to make a lasting impact, just like when you see a yeti.

Don't Just Take it From Us Though...

"The City & County of Broomfield has partnered with mindSpark Learning staff on several endeavors. Each experience we have had -- beginning with the collaborative approach to ensure that the time spent at mindSpark Learning achieved the desirable outcomes, to the planning process, to the actual event -- has been a true partnership. Our employees left feeling inspired and reenergized, and equipped with the practical knowledge to apply what was learned. mindSpark Learning has been the catalyst for our organization's growth and development journey, and has supported us to incorporate the skills necessary to problem-solving creatively with hands-on exploration. The facilitators are well-versed in creating an environment that welcomes differing opinions, promotes critical conversations and helps folks push through the 'why we can't’ to the 'how can we…!’"

- Jennifer Hoffman, Broomfield City and County Assistant Manager.

The Results Are Palpable...

We're not here to pad stats -- we're dedicated to lasting impact, and you can be too.

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So, Why Work With Us?

How many times have you been to a professional development and asked yourself...

Why am I even here? How does this actually help me? When is this going to end? We've heard educators say it countless times; the daydreaming sets in, and the “learning” you’re there for gets lost in the boring “sit and get” setting. Quite simply, the experience is a total waste of time.

We don't waste time.

At mindSpark Learning, we’re here to change that, and we do it by bringing you the right stuff. What does that mean?

It means equity-based design thinking workshops that challenge you to be okay with failure, and use your creativity as a means to serious growth.

It means ensuring the direct intersection between industry and education so that students can learn from the types of real-world, authentic environments and scenarios they will encounter in the jobs of today, and of the future.

It means problem solving frameworks -- for professionals in education, business and government -- that transcend theory, and actually dive into tangible implementation.

It means climate and culture trainings that focus on an organization’s work environment to ensure optimized production and interaction.

And, oh by the way, we like to have fun, which is why we host happy hours, comedy specials and trivia nights.

What's the most important thing to remember? We've heard this A LOT, so it's time to mention it: we're more than just nice bathrooms folks...

Don't worry though, the bathrooms will still be there when you work with us at our location. So, how about it? What are you waiting for?