Why Partner With Us?

When you partner with mindSpark Learning, you are providing your employees with an opportunity to make an integral impact on their community. You are also directly supporting the empowerment of professionals that drive success in their communities, from education leaders, to industry innovators, to government entities, at all levels.

What kind of impact can you have?

Since our grand opening in January of 2017, we have impacted...


...professionals in education, industry and government with the support of partners.

We have seen school attendance rates raise from 13% to 73% in ONE year because of industry involvement in schools. Quite simply, the voices of all professionals in a community are imperative to the future of education and the growth of students, especially if we want them to enter the workforce prepared with the skills necessary to the modern work environment.

When you partner with mindSpark Learning, you are directly impacting your community and the future of education.

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