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Are you interested in teaching your students how to fly drones, while introducing them to the many uses drone technology has in the modern world? What about taking your students on Google Expeditions, so they can learn the value of empathy and shared experiences? We also offer courses centered on 3D printing and Glowforge 3D laser printing so your students can learn more about the future of manufacturing, medicine, design and STEM education.

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Illustrated Educators Program

Empowering Educators Through Storytelling

mindSpark Learning and Brink Literacy Project are beyond excited to announce a partnership, and to offer an in-depth six-week program centered on storytelling through the medium of comics.

The course will run from September 24th to October 29th every Tuesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Course participants will interact with celebrity comics creators, storyboard their own incredible tales and adventures as educators and work hand-in-hand with experts from both organizations to bring engaging storytelling back to their classrooms. All participants will also be given the chance to have their story added to a published anthology of educator super teacher stories!

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Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with celebrity comic creators like Zack Howard, who’s worked with Marvel, Disney, DC Comics, and Harry Bogosian, who’s worked with DC Comics, Grease the Musical and Tiny Mantis Entertainment.

If you’ve been looking for a new and engaging way to tell your story as an educator, this program is for you!

Celebrity Guests

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“For me, sequential storytelling is the most dynamic employment of cohesive thought transfer there is. The cohesion of words with pictures allows thoughts to become more accessible to a wider audience and thus facilitates a higher engagement. This universal approachability has been employed since the earliest understanding of our species and will continue to be used long after I’m dust. Sharing this medium of storytelling with others is something I’m extremely passionate about doing.”

— Zach Howard

“Floyd Hughes is a man (and a legend) that I will always have love for. He is a British born comic artist (and illustrator, storyboard artist, production designer and teacher) who taught me comics at Pratt University. Although it took me a few years to realize how much comic creation meant to me, his teachings and deep passion for the craft had already created a framework in my mind. I am excited to share this passion with others, and support the growth of storytelling through the medium of comics.”

— Harry Bogosian

A Brilliant Partnership

We’re ecstatic to be partnering with such a great organization in Brink Literacy Project to offer this program to educators. Through this partnership, we are able to work with experts in storytelling through the medium of comics, are connected to leaders in the space — from celebrity comic creators to incredible artists/illustrators — and offer a program that incorporates the expertise of Brink Literacy Project, while also ensuring the learning is implementable in the classroom.


You can learn more about the incredible work Brink Literacy Project is doing by visiting their website here.

The Drone Project

Taking Problem-Based Learning To New Heights

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mindSpark Learning is bringing an entirely unique learning experience to educators and students alike with drones, and our problem-based learning model!

Each drone kit comes with a customized professional learning opportunity with our FAA Part 107 drone-certified facilitators. These kits won’t only feature the drones, but also include extension activities designed to maximize problem-based learning and block coding through the excitement of flying drones.

Partnerships with local organizations and industries that allow students and educators to dive straight into a problem-based learning project can be part of the customized learning opportunity, for interested schools.

For example, students could work with national parks to better understand the impact of invasive species on ecosystems; they could work with local firefighters to understand how drones can help with fire mitigation; or, they could work with local transportation services to gain insights into traffic patterns and the risks that natural phenomena pose to drivers.

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“Using drones with our students as part of their problem-based learning project turned out to be a more incredible experience than I anticipated. The overhead view the drones provided gave students a better perspective of the space they were redesigning. More incredibly, the footage was used by a landscape design firm, and students were able to work directly with these industry professionals. This solidified our school’s partnership and involvement in the surrounding community, and gave our students a chance to experience authentic problem-solving with real-world professionals.”

- Kim Walter, Digital Teacher Librarian at Edgewater Elementary School

In Proud Partnership with DroneBlocks:

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Google Expeditions

A Different Approach to Reality

Students are stimulated in more complex ways now than ever before. This is why augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences can be so powerful, particularly if they are connected to historical events like the Holocaust or Chernobyl for those who have never had to endure these realities. AR and VR can even be used to transport students to amazing locations, and help them learn valuable lessons that extend beyond emotional intelligence.

mindSpark Learning offers Google Expeditions for rent, and training around how to best implement these experiences into your learning environment. If you’re interested, click on the button below to fill out the form and we’ll be in contact with you to build out an experience, or send a kit your way.

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3D Printing

Build and Design for the Future

At mindSpark Learning, we have a Glowforge Pro and two Lulzbot Minis and we use them to create cool stuff all the time. Now you can too! Plus, 3D printing and laser printing are not only the future of manufacturing, they are the future of design, medicine and STEM education.

If you’re interested in learning more, and introducing your students to the real-world applicability of 3D printing and laser printing, click on the button below to fill out the form and we’ll be in contact.

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