Scaling Innovation In Education One Partnership At A Time

We partner with a wide of array of organizations and leaders in education, business and industry in order to scale innovation in education with fresh and unexpected approaches.

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Challenging An Obsolete System With Partnerships Built To Enact BIG Change

Let’s be honest. The education system needs work. Surprising to anyone? Seriously, have you ever had the thought that education was perfect: everything ran efficiently -- without any problems -- and that educators had all the support they needed to succeed? Yeah, we haven’t either.

What if though? What if there was a way to empower educators with proven and researched tools that left them speechless in the midst of easy implementation and effectiveness? What if school leaders had a uniquely designed system of success and an extensive network that gave them the access they needed to increase funding and community engagement and ignite teachers to go start fires (not real ones) in their classrooms? What if students were sent home each and every day feeling like someone was actually invested in their learning and the way it will impact their future because of the passionate fires those teachers kindled?

Trust us when we say this, at mindSpark Learning we are convicted with the belief that there is a way to accomplish THOSE goals. We know we can’t do it alone though, which is why we partner with amazing organizations that are tipping the needle from obsolete to innovative, and keeping the gas pedal down so the needle keeps moving.


Some Of The Organizations We Partner With

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Partnerships With Leaders In Education

Transformation in education begins and ends with the organizations that are dedicated to seeing their big ideas become realities. What is the ultimate reality we seek with our partnerships in education? The reality of school leaders adopting an innovative culture that empowers teachers to stay in the profession and support students in being aptly prepared for the careers of the future.

“We are proud to partner with mindSpark Learning to identify, elevate and invest in the most innovative education practices across Colorado.”

- Colorado Succeeds

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Partnerships With Leaders In Business

Enacting a notable impact in education is not possible unless we are willing to go outside the field of education for inspirational solutions and practices that are capable of reimagining the way we currently seek results in education. We partner with leaders in business in order to facilitate fresh and unexpected approaches to school leadership, classroom environments, student engagement, professional learning and student success.

“We are thrilled to connect the dots with our colleagues at mindSpark Learning. Through our exciting partnership, we are helping accelerate innovative approaches to learning in classrooms across the nation."

- Peter and Paul Reynolds, Founders of FableVision and RCTLC

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Partnerships With Leaders In Industry

Students are engaged differently and more complexly now more than ever, plain and simple.  This means that educators at every level need to be prepared with strategies and materials that work in tandem with student engagement. We partner with industry leaders in many different sectors to bring cutting-edge technology, instructional practices and student-centered learning to schools and classrooms across the country, so that they can increase student engagement.

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