Promoting Social Justice and Culture Diversity

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Promoting Social Justice and Culture Diversity


Social justice hinges on groups of people respectfully and equitably relating to one another, thereby eliminating injustice. Where education is concerned, the question is whether advisors and teachers have an ethical responsibility to teach social justice.

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Learning Objectives

This course teaches strategies that can be used to help make students aware of social justice and the role it will play in preparing them to be ethical and equitable in their interactions with others. The building of resilient communities is dependent upon ensuring that all individuals within a community are empowered to share their voice and provided with the resources they need in order to enact change. Schools are at the center of communities, both small and large, and as such they play a significant role in developing these kinds of ideals within students.

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of multicultural literacy

  • How all students, and all humans, play a role in defining social responsibility

  • How school's can get students more involved in their communities

  • Ways to help students develop interdependence

  • The role that values, preconceived notions and experiences play in structuring our biases

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