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Unplugged Computer Science and Plugged In Robotics

As you try to implement learning around complex computer science concepts into your school or classroom -- especially with younger audiences -- you can often encounter a barrier that is difficult to overcome.

Students find it hard to follow along, lose interest because of the complexity and eventually throw in the towel because it’s “too hard”.

We get it! Instead of continuing to throw pizza at the wall, how about trying something different with us? This event is geared to support educators in taking the complexity out of learning computer science at a young age, while making it fun and engaging.

Who Should Attend:

  • Educators at all levels of education, from teachers to admin

  • Especially beneficial to educators in grades K-5

  • Instructional coaches

  • EdTech coordinators

  • Anyone with interest

  • Schools on the cutting edge of innovation in education

Key Content:

  • How computers and the Internet work:

    • Binary numbers

    • Algorithms

    • Networks

  • Simple programming with robots:

    • Code & Go Mouse

    • Dash & Dot

    • Sphero

    • Ozobots

You’ll walk away with knowledge and strategies you can use immediately, as you incorporate unplugged learning with robotics and complex CS into your school or classroom!

Cost: $35