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Equity-Centered Design Thinking Thursday 2.0

  • mindSpark Learning 455 South Pierce Street Lakewood, CO, 80226 United States (map)

This workshop will take design thinking to the next level by diving deeper into designing through an equity-centered lens. Equity-centered Design Thinking is more than a process, it is a mindset shift. In order to make impactful solutions, we must recognize our own assumptions in order to solve for the end user. This requires humility and asks participants to lean into discomfort.

Equity-centered Design Thinking focuses on liberation, understanding and knowing oppressions/limits and features designing appropriately from the start. Whether one seeks informed and empowered students in their schools or classrooms capable of solving problems with critical thinking, or a staff that continually breathes life into an innovative culture with a risk-taking mentality, this workshop is built to leverage equity-centered design thinking to its fullest.

Participants will:

  1. Become more self-aware by understanding and being reflective of their own beliefs and biases in relation with their end users and their context.

  2. Learn how to build and support innovators in their classrooms as catalysts for equity-centered solutions in their local community.

Who should attend:

  • Teachers

  • Administrators

  • Instructional Coaches

  • Schools on the cutting edge of innovation in education

  • Professionals in all fields, whether that’s education, industry or government, looking to be more innovative in their work environments

Cost: $30