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Events and institutes offered by mindSpark Learning are facilitated by professionals, and include implementation strategies that make it easy and simple for you to bring the learning to your school, classroom or organization. Learn more about what events and institutes are on the horizon by navigating the tabs below.



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We’re offering seven different institute topics in 11 different cities. Select an available city below.

1. Seattle

2. Missoula

3. San Diego

4. Las Vegas

5. Denver

6. Chicago

7. New Orleans

8. Boston

9. Tampa

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Click Here: Design Thinking

Tampa: July 15-17

Chicago: July 15-17

Nola: Jul. 31-Aug. 2

Click Here: EdTech

Boston: July 18-19

Chicago: August 1-2


Computer Science Seattle: July 22-23

Google Certification Missoula: August 5-7

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Chicago: July 15-16

San Diego: July 24-25

Seattle July 29-30

Missoula: July 22-26

Den: Jul. 30-Aug. 2

Seattle: August 5-9

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Our events are designed to provide attendees with a mix of different options, including trivia nights, happy hours and game nights as well as design thinking sprints, digital making classes and learning with robotics and computer science. Browse what’s on the docket for upcoming by clicking on the button below.