Transform Your School's Future

The Education Accelerator is designed to support schools in developing innovative cultures capable of elevating their future, empowering their teachers and maximizing student engagement. It is a leadership program that not only supports principals, but also the next generation of leaders in every building. And, it utilizes a cross-pollination strategy that looks beyond education for the support of business and industry leaders as panel members, mentors and scholarship providers for schools involved.

What is the Education Accelerator?

A five to nine month fully customizable innovation program designed to support schools in solving their biggest problem of practice by investing in their school culture, and implementing a blueprint that their leadership team develops at the start of the program.

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Why The Education Accelerator?

When we built the Education Accelerator, our goal was to bring an innovation program to school leaders that not only met their demands (bureaucratic requirements, budget, time, resources expended, etc…) but also focused on putting leaders in challenging situations that would actually help them, and their school, grow. In other words, our goal was to build a launchpad that gave school leaders full autonomy over the trajectory of their school’s future, and the innovation they enlisted as a means to that growth. Why the Education Accelerator? Because it’s a program that works with leaders in a school, beyond just the principal, to tackle school culture, and enlist innovation as a means to actual growth.

What Are The Details Of The Program?

Here's what we can tell you without having to kill you.

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The program starts with a three-day immersion where a panel of top industry and education leaders push teams in developing a blueprint that tackles their biggest problem of practice.

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School leaders are teamed up with a mentor who supports them in implementing the blueprint they create, while challenging them to seek innovative and untraditional solutions.

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All schools in the cohort become sister schools, using each other as a resource and visiting each other's school to see their blueprint in action, while pushing each other to try innovative solutions.

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Becoming a model school should be the dream for every school; as part of the program, teams will be able to visit some of the best schools out there, and see how they are implementing an innovative culture in their schools.

Monthly Deep Dive Sessions 2.jpg

Monthly deep dive sessions with sister schools, mentors and mindSpark Learning will support momentum in the journey toward a truly innovative school culture, and toward implementing the blueprint.

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When all is said and done, mindSpark Learning will share the stories of success with the world, and support teams in becoming a model school so that they can mentor future cohorts, and be a part of their inspiration.

“The Education Accelerator has inspired me to be more of a leader, realize my true identity as a professional and has helped me gain insight into how relationships impact learning.”
— Attendee, Florida

What Is Implementable For The Schools That Participate?

Here's what your school can accomplish with an open mind.

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Schools will leave the three to five year plan in the past, and solve the problems they come across in any given school year with immediate action by utilizing a culture built to innovate when times get hard and solutions are needed.

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Participants will learn to embrace failure as a means to progress, and take the strange, unexpected and unnerving risks that inevitably result in failure because creative ideation and discovery is impossible without failure.

Bring Teachers Together.jpg

The dream = getting all teachers to work together. The reality = unlikely. Schools will change that by leveraging a culture of empathy and human-centered ideation to build a community that is supportive and challenging.

Market Your School.jpg

What is the marketing strategy? What is the research and development plan? How is the school a vehicle for workforce development? Schools will answer these questions with strategies that work to market their school.

Keep the Best Teachers.jpg

Schools know a special teacher is destined for great things, and they don’t want to lose them. Still, they want to encourage them to seek their opportunities. Empower all teachers to be leaders, and accomplish both.

Get the Best Resources.jpg

Getting the resources schools need to succeed can be difficult. Schools will learn how to mobilize their community to buy-in to their school’s vision and provide them with everything they need to make it a reality.

Caution: The Education Accelerator Is Not For Everyone.*

*If you're not willing to challenge yourself, and your team, to have an open mind and strive for an innovative school, then the Education Accelerator is not for you.

However, if you believe yellow tape is just there to keep schools away from succeeding, then this program is built for your leadership team.

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