Taking Problem-Based Learning To New Heights

mindSpark Learning is bringing an entirely unique learning experience to educators and students alike with drones, and our problem-based learning model!

Through an exciting partnership with Wings Over the Rockies, schools and classrooms will be able to learn the basics of aerodynamics, the concepts of flight and drone ethics. Furthermore, we will also provide schools and classrooms access to drone kits they can rent. These kits won’t only feature the drones, but also come with a pre-packaged partnership with local organizations and industries that allow students and educators to dive straight into a problem-based learning project.

For example, students could work with national parks to better understand the impact of invasive species on ecosystems; they could work with local firefighters to understand how drones can help with fire mitigation; or, they could work with local transportation services to gain insights into traffic patterns and the risks that natural phenomena pose to drivers.

Once educators sign up to rent a drone kit, mindSpark Learning will hold a teacher orientation to train educators how to fly the drones, troubleshoot simple mechanical issues and how to best teach the “Four Forces of Flight” concept to students. 

There are two learning paths educators can choose from, both of which begin with an introduction to drone safety and ethics for the drones within their kits:

Path 1 - The Science of Flight

To support learning and the concepts of “Four Forces of Flight,” students will build a single-wing plane.

Educators will use the drones to teach students the basic mechanics and engineering of flight, discussing the basics of aerodynamics.

Path  2 - CS & Drone Programming

This path introduces basic block coding to students, who can program simple commands for drones within their kit.

They can also explore solutions to basic flight challenges, like yaw turns, flips and obstacle course challenges by using basic flight programming codes.

Additional learning paths will be added later this year.

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