The Aspen Times September 22, 2018

Carbondale Middle School Wins State Award

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Educators from Carbondale Middle School on Sept. 18 were awarded The Succeeds Prize 2018 for Transformational Impact in a Middle School during a celebration honoring Colorado public schools and educators.

The $15,000 cash prize, presented by DaVita, was awarded to Carbondale in recognition of its impact on student learning.

Carbondale Middle School was selected by a panel of experts across education, business and government using a five-step, data-driven process. The school stood out for its Habits of the Scholar, which help students to hone their executive skills, perseverance, compassion and enthusiasm on a daily basis. Additionally, student-designed and student-led activities have created a space for student voice and resulted in creative solutions.

“Our entire school community has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to support the success of all of our students,” said Jennifer Lamont, principal of Carbondale Middle School. “The Succeeds Prize for Transformational Impact in a Middle School is welcomed recognition for our efforts, and we are grateful for the opportunity to further our success through future professional development and training opportunities through this initiative.”

Carbondale Middle School joins five other awardees, each receiving $15,000.

The Succeeds Prize — a partnership between 9NEWS, Colorado Succeeds and mindSpark Learning — recognizes and rewards Colorado's transformational public schools and educators for driving student success. Sponsored by Colorado's business community, The Succeeds Prize awarded schools across six award categories with a total of $150,000 in cash prizes.

“At DaVita, we believe that by supporting programs such as The Succeeds Prize we can spread ripples of positive change throughout our community," said Philipp Stephanus, senior vice president at DaVita. "We recognize that by investing in our youth, we are investing in creating a better future for Colorado and for the world at large. We are inspired by the efforts put forth by each of the finalists for The Succeeds Prize and extend special congratulations to Carbondale Middle School for your outstanding achievement.”