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A Message from Our

Chief Executive Officer


2017 has brought many positive changes for mindSpark Learning: A name change. A new place to call home -- fittingly, in a remodeled library -- which now also doubles as a center for educator innovation. And changes within our leadership team.

I am honored to have accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer. Having previously served as a member of the Board of Directors, and having collaborated extensively with the organization for nearly a decade as a partner in advancing innovation in education, I have had the privilege of learning what the organization is capable of and am thrilled to be involved in this new capacity. Most recently I was Principal at STEM Launch K-8, and the STEM Coordinator for Adams 12 Five Star School District. I will maintain my role as STEM Coordinator to remain on the front lines, and bring firsthand learning back to mindSpark Learning.

Like countless others, I recognize and applaud the innovation taking place in education. And, at the same time, I am keenly aware that there is a great deal more to be done in order to sufficiently inspire and engage our students so that they may reach their full potential.

This is mindSpark Learning’s passion, and forte. As a nonprofit committed to elevating and evolving education through educators – from teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom, to teacher leaders, to administrators at all levels -- our work targets educators and ultimately impacts students. Specifically, we focus on three key areas of impact:

  • Professional Learning Experiences: In-person work sessions or events held at our learning facility, in schools or at other locations convenient to the educators we serve.


  • In-School Consulting: Highly customized sessions developed to address individual areas of need, from redesigning classrooms for greater impact, to using technology more effectively in the classroom, to solving problems through design thinking, to a variety of other needs as identified by our collective teams.


  • Leadership Innovation Programs: Highly collaborative, cohort-driven programs based on research and proven practices designed for school leaders to make significant impact by leveraging learning, successes and failures from business and other sectors in addition to education.

The mindSpark Learning team that facilitates this work is creative, experienced and mighty, yet we do not believe we will change the education landscape single-handedly. We are profoundly grateful for the many committed and talented partners who make up the mindSpark Learning network – K-12 educators and school districts, partners in higher education, community and business partners, foundations and our Board of Directors, to name a few. Since the opening of our new headquarters in January, over 2,100+ partners have come through the doors to collaborate, create and innovate -- each furthering education in some way, shape or form. Yet there remains much more to be done, which is why we continue to seek and expand partnerships.

I ask that you consider if your team is using professional learning to its fullest, and I invite you to explore whether mindSpark Learning might be of value to you, your team or colleagues. My door, inbox and phone line are always open for your comments, questions, wonderings or discussion.

With gratitude for your dedication to education,

Kellie Lauth

Chief Executive Officer



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What do astronauts and educators have in common?

AKA mindSpark Learning's Story


We’re not astronauts -- although, our CFO likes to say “it’s like NASA” when describing the various things we do (we correct him and say SpaceX, and send him back to counting beans) -- but we do have an exclusive understanding of an unchartered solar system.

Ok, what does that even mean? Fair enough, just bear with us -- storytelling takes time, development and good questions with even better answers.

Being an astronaut is complicated, just like being an educator is complicated. You have to understand parent and student dynamics, manage classrooms full of crazed heathens (we know ya love ‘em, but you know it's true) on the verge of starting a riot at any moment and maintain a level of peace and quiet in a whirlwind that’s akin to the G-forces an astronaut goes through while exiting the atmosphere.

We’re educators too, so we get it, which is why we developed workshops and trainings to help support educators in the three areas we believe are the most relevant to education today: Knowing Your Learner, Instructional Practices and Creative and Digital Experiences.

In other words, we believe that we’re astronauts (super educators, just like you) in a solar system wholly unknown to man, with two planets and one sun. One guess what the sun is? Knowing Your Learner.

If we don’t have a profound understanding of our learners and challenge ourselves to know them at a deeper level, then we can’t hope to bring them experiences, in the other two areas (planets), that actually work. That is why it is our foundational platform -- we can’t hope to offer our experiences without first taking the time to understand you, and bring you an experience catered to your specific needs.

We can’t hope to bring our learners Instructional Practices that challenge the status quo of fixed mindsets and cardboard boxed learning you can get just by taking a seat and hearing someone talk at you, unless we first know our learner.

And, we certainly can’t hope to bring our learners Creative and Digital Experiences that actually elevate the profession by putting tools in the hands of learners and giving them a choice when it comes to how they use that tool, unless we know how to offer a specific tool to a specific learner.

You see, we want to bring new life to education -- a system in dire need of innovation, and a breath of fresh air -- and we believe that it starts with a bit of kindling, and a spark capable of turning into a fire. We believe it starts with our three pillars, and with the solar system that governs them.

That is why we created mindSpark Learning -- to bring a learner-centric mindset to a system in dire need of it, and use that mindset to bolster the way we engage with our learners. How do we engage with our learners? Through practices that challenge both the educator and the student to think outside the box, and by providing experiences that give students and educators alike access to truly game-changing workshops and trainings they can use to start a creative revolution.

We are mindSpark Learning, and we’re here to start more than a ripple.


Meet Our Team

We are STEM leaders, entrepreneurs, design thinkers, hockey aficionados, award-winning principals, advertising pioneers, coding-for-schools experts, skydivers, almost-pro baseball players and educators who rock.

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The mindSpark Learning Team

Kellie Lauth, Chief Executive Officer

Kellie Lauth, Chief Executive Officer

Jeanette Ryan, Chief Impact Officer

Jeanette Ryan, Chief Impact Officer

Matt Pickering, Chief Solutions Officer

Matt Pickering, Chief Solutions Officer

Chip Law, Chief Finance Officer

Chip Law, Chief Finance Officer

Dana Cohen, Director of Communications & Research

Dana Cohen, Director of Communications & Research

Mary Lisa Harper, Director of Professional Learning

Mary Lisa Harper, Director of Professional Learning

Anne Kerlin, Director of Events

Anne Kerlin, Director of Events

Gordon Davidson, Ambassador

Gordon Davidson, Ambassador

Ross Sellers, Director of Marketing

Ross Sellers, Director of Marketing

Tina Granato, Director of School Solutions (Picture coming soon.)

Tina Granato, Director of School Solutions
(Picture coming soon.)

Carol Martin, Administrative Director (Picture coming soon.)

Carol Martin, Administrative Director
(Picture coming soon.)

Andrea Wiens, Instructional Practices Specialist (Picture coming soon.)

Andrea Wiens, Instructional Practices Specialist
(Picture coming soon.)

Beth Mossholder, Creative & Digital Experiences Engineer (Picture coming soon.)

Beth Mossholder, Creative & Digital Experiences Engineer
(Picture coming soon.)

Our Distinguished Board Of Directors

Anna Edwards

Vice Chair; Co-Founder at Whiteboard Advisors

Geof Rochester

Managing Director at The Nature Conservancy

Bridget Coughlin Ph. D

Chief Executive Officer
at Shedd Aquarium

John Bennett Ph. D

Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation Initiatives, University of Colorado Denver

Carrie Morgridge

Board Chair; Vice President of Morgridge Family Foundation

John Farnam

Secretary; Community Investment Liaison at Morgridge Family Foundation

Denise Gitsham

Principal at 7 Second Strategies

Sondra Smith

Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Director, Level 3 Foundation

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