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 At mindSpark Learning, we're dedicated to solving these problems. Read our story below.

An Unconventional Approach to Workforce Development

About mindSpark Learning

mindSpark Learning is the catalyst and intermediary between education and industry, and driven by mobilizing diverse ecosystems to create sustained economies through education. In a recent report by McKinsey and Company, it was suggested that 800 million existing jobs worldwide could disappear by 2030; in other words, nearly one third of the global workforce would have to seek other employment.

While automation is likely to replace the majority of jobs, it is becoming more and more evident that the need for an adaptable workforce that possesses creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence is critical now more than ever because these are the skills that automation cannot replicate.

Quite frankly, this is why we exist. Our programs empower schools to transform their climate and culture, while utilizing their greatest asset -- human capital -- to solve the problems they encounter, engage in critical conversations with experts in the field and connect students to industry mentors and authentic problems and scenarios at a very young age.

What We Do

We Offer Customized Experiences Designed to Build Sustainable Communities

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Events and Institutes

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Professional Experiences

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Education Accelerator

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STEMpATH Graduate-Level Program

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Computer Science Skills


Our Journey

  • 2007 -- Share Fair Nation is Founded

    We started ten years ago as Share Fair Nation, and hosted professional learning events designed to push educators out of their comfort zone and empower them with the types of skills that are paramount to not only their future, but the future of their students.

  • 2013 -- Share Fair Nation Meets Kellie Lauth

    In 2013 we met Kellie Lauth, who is now our CEO but at the time was working as the principal at STEM Launch in Adams 12 -- an unprecedented school that has used problem-based learning to accomplish amazing feats of innovation with their students and industry partners.

  • 2017 -- Share Fair Nation Rebrands

    In January of 2017 we were rebranded as mindSpark Learning to better reflect our mission to change the conversation in education. Our work is still focused on the empowerment of educators, and we do this by working hand-in-hand with education and industry.

  • 2018 -- mindSpark Learning Celebrates A Year

    We celebrated a year of existence with fellow educators and industry partners in January. It was a year marked by many successes, many pivots and ultimately a bright future that speaks to our mission of being the best damn sustainable community building organization around.




Check out our professional experiences, and how they may make sense for your organization:

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"We now exemplify a culture that values curiosity, innovation and solution-based thinking -- a culture that promotes critical conversations and collaboration."

— Abbigail Yellman, Director of Library Services and Cultural Affairs

City and County of Broomfield







Current Happenings


  • Baseline: Have you heard about Baseline yet? This incredible school and development, completing the Denver and Boulder triangle, is the first of its kind: a fully dedicated location where education and industry exist under one roof. Read more here.

  • STEMpath: Our STEM graduate-level educator certification program, STEMpath, is in the news! Read more about this unprecedented career literacy program here, here and here. If you're interested, you can apply here.

  • Wonder Workshop: We partnered with Wonder Workshop to provide robots and great PD to interested educators in the Colorado mindSpark Learning network. Click here to learn more about the Teach Wonder program.

  • Couragion: We've also partnered with Couragion to provide the STEM Career Literacy Professional Experience, and support educators with proven career literacy practices that can be integrally woven into STEM education experiences.