Customized Professional Learning for Modern Adult Learners


We offer highly interactive and implementable experiences for education, industry and government professionals, with the ultimate goal of building holistic communities from the kid up and preparing students for future careers. 

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About mindSpark Learning

mindSpark Learning is a nonprofit that creates workshops and trainings to elevate the educators of today's world, and help them become the educators of the future. Our professional learning gives educators tools and strategies they can walk away with and implement immediately, so that they can reach their full potential as educators, take their students' success to new heights and transform education.


Big Dreams Start With A Spark


The future is here, it’s evident in almost everything you see, hear and touch, but it’s leaving education behind. We believe in the biggest dream of all, that education can be a catalyst for that future, and the students who will own it. Our dream starts small, with professional learning that helps educators innovate and prepare students for tomorrow’s world.

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Our Workshops And Trainings

ignite a spark in educators by helping you:

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Feel supported on your journey.

We help you feel supported, so that you have have more time to focus on the things that matter most to the success of your students.

Make teaching easier.

We help you master your craft and know your students at a deeper level, so that you can take your students' success to new heights.

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Feel reignited and manage stress.

We give you tools and strategies to make your teaching more efficient, so that it ends up being much more effective and way less stressful.

Create the school of the future.

We support you in reimagining your school and the learning that takes place in it, supporting you in your journey toward innovation.


Upcoming Workshop For Colorado Educators

May the Fourth Be Trivia

Friday, May 4, 7:00pm-9:00pm at mindSpark Learning

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What We Do

We Offer Workshops And Trainings For Every Type Of Educator


In School Professional Learning

One of a kind workshops and trainings that we bring right to your school.

Education Accelerator

A 9-month innovation program to help schools create a culture of innovation.


at mindSpark

10 monthly workshops that we host at our state of the art innovation center.



The premiere way to access workshops at our location and join our movement.

What I learned not only allowed growth for my students but for myself as well.
— Teacher
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Every Penny Counts

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An amazing, hands-on experience for all teachers that we could bring back to our classrooms.
— Teacher, Denver
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would recommend our workshops to others.


applied their learning or had a plan to do so 5-7 weeks after the event.


shared their learning or had a plan to do so 5-7 weeks after the event.


said students benefited from their learning 10-12 weeks after the event.


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5 Simple Ways To Free Up Your Time As An Educator So You Can Focus On The Things That Matter

mindSpark Learning’s professional learning left our teachers feeling on fire.
— Instructional Coach
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